Daelim Besbi 125

Dunno if South Korea’s Daelim scooters are any good, but their Besbi is sort of cute, if you’re into the “faux-retro” thing. It doesn’t look like Daelim USA is importing it, though.

4 thoughts on “Daelim Besbi 125”

  1. So, look at that scooter. Cute, simple, small, probably handles great. But by design it only fits smaller women from Asia. Sure that’s who it was designed for in the first place, but it’s not like there are no other options. Open the link and look at the picture. Take a look at the third picture that is a full side view. Look at the space between where the bottom of the foot actually rests and the absolute bottom of the scooter. WTF is up with that wasted space. Sure it’s filled with a few cables and wires. All that could be fit within a center channel. If that wasted space was lessened it would give back up to an extra 45 degrees of knee extension to the rider and open up the vehicle to a much larger buying populace as well as making the center of gravity lower and more comfortable riding position for everyone. It can be done with a channel in a modern scooter as well as a Vespa. The New vespas do it (although they could do better as well and make the seat height lower overall) and the Kymco Super 9 does it. I’ll now take my Human Factors consultant check, please. (Yes, humans. You know, the things that come into a store and sit on the bike and give you money and ride away? It seems you’ve forgotten about them, Mr. Scooter Maker)

  2. I know what you mean Eric. VBB, VNB, Series III, LI, what’s the difference? All those vintage bikes look identical.

  3. It’s easy to tell the difference between different vintage scooters. But that could be that I always get a better look at them due to that they are standing still quite a bit of the time.

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