Vespa’s punchy “new” scooter

If this article is to be believed, the Vespa LX150 was just released in Canadia. Maybe they meant to review the Vespa LXS, which just came oot, and is being promoted in Canada under the banner “Born to be Square”, with what looks like 4/5th of the Kids in the Hall, circa 1992, with LXS headsets for heads.

Many people hate the square headlight on the “S.” Those people are dumb, it is awesome, and VofC is smart to turn it into a selling point. If you want a round headlight, buy the “new” LX 150!

5 thoughts on “Vespa’s punchy “new” scooter”

  1. to race, we canucks spell Canadiaians a bit different.

    Try Canadians. Also, Firefox comes with a spell checker.

  2. “Canadia” and “Canadiaians” are both listed as proper usage in the 2strokebuzz stylebook, dating back to 1995. Would you prefer “Canuckistan?”

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