5 thoughts on “2 scooters better than 1 car?”

  1. This depends upon the total mileage they’re accruing. When my dh and I share a car (during frigid cold & snow), we rack up more miles carting each other around. When we drive separately, we spend less time on the road. If that’s the case for this couple, it’s a bit better than you suggest.

  2. I think one of the most unfortunate side effects of the price of gas being so high is the resultant emission of these stupid articles. I can only hope gas prices fall so that people will no longer care about what gas mileage two fat people get on their metros driving back and forth to walmart, and the local press will focus on more important things … like the results of the last pie eating competition.

  3. I’m guessing after all is said and done those two cost closer to $5k after taxes and insurance and all that, so saving $100 a month in gas it will take about 4 years to break even…

  4. If they really want to save money, not just use less gas, they’d sell either the car or the truck.

    Does it bother anybody other than me that they kept referring to the scooters as “Metropolitan Honda”? That sounds like the name of a dealership to me, they didn’t refer to the car as a “Focus Ford”. Maybe it’s just me, but it makes it sound like the article writer didn’t know or care anything about the subject matter.

    I like the focus on safety in the article, too. He won’t ride in snow for safety reasons, but she points out you can ride it wearing a skirt. But hey, it’s only 35mph so I’m sure that would be fine.

  5. these stories drive me crazy. these people always get 100 miles to the gallon. i currently have 9 scooters, and have probably owned over 70 or 80 since i was 12. i have NEVER owned a scooter that gets 100 miles per gallon, except MAYBE an old px-125 2-stroke, and that was going downhill with the wind at my back for 100 miles.

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