Genuine mythbusting

Genuine Blur 150 and Buddy 125 owners have had a healthy argument going on since both models were introduced: Which is quicker?. Nathaniel over at Modern Buddy did some tests and confirmed they’re pretty much even in the 100m dash. There’s still debate over which is faster, I’d argue that despite the displacement difference, they have a very similar top speed, but the Blur handles and brakes much better, with this video (the part after the G-Max commercial) as my evidence. Now for the next question, how much faster/better is the new Buddy 150?

2 thoughts on “Genuine mythbusting”

  1. Does anyone actually buy a 125-150cc scoot for the speed? I own a 150cc scoot and it’s acceleration is sufficient, but certainly not neck-snapping. If I wanted a fast scooter, I’d look for something in the 400-600cc range.

  2. I think acceleration is a big selling point for smaller scooters, acceleration is important to me, top speed is not so much.

    The fact that there’s very little difference between these two scooters despite their 25cc displacement difference is surely attributable to their respective weights.

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