Operation Vectrix

Vectrix has been lending out 100 electric scooters in European cities (more than they’ve sold to date, by some accounts) to celebrate the third anniversary of the Kyoto treaty. Riders can reserve a bike to test for a limited period, and are then offered incentives to purchase (EU “green” credits and discounts make the bike much more accessible in Europe, Vectrix is lobbying for a similar program in the U.S.). The program started in Rome, is currently running in Bologna, and will visit Milan, Turin, Madrid, and Paris in coming months. Vectrix has also started taking pre-orders for its three-wheeled electric scooter based on the Piaggio MP3 system.

One thought on “Operation Vectrix”

  1. More accessible, perhaps, but there’s still the range issue, and it still takes two hours to charge the batteries sufficiently to be able to ride it.

    No doubt improvements in these areas will arrive sooner rather than later, but the Vectrix is still not ready for prime time.

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