Media frenzy finds Chelsea

After a rush of scooter stories in North Carolina and Minnesota, the evil biased liberal media finally wrote a fair and balanced article, including another of our favorite dealers, Chelsea at Scoot Richmond. The gratuitous Roman Holiday reference was vindicated with the quoted 60mpg mileage figure, which is actually kind of on the low side. (Remember that time that Chelsea posed topless for 2sb? You knew I was going to bring that up.)

One thought on “Media frenzy finds Chelsea”

  1. Ok Bryan, I read the ‘fair and balanced article’, not bad. It had one nonsense point where it implied that corn based ethanol was adding to high fuel prices. Nope, higher food prices perhaps, but not fuel prices.

    Indeed I keep waiting to hear about a flex fuel scooter – should be an easy option to add to an EFI engine, and the tuners will love the ability to burn E85 cooler and at higher compression while paying 80 cents less per gallon.

    As you knew I would, after reading the decoy article, I clicked on the ‘Chelsea posed topless’ link. grrrrr … Hate you … Hate your blog.

    Ok, I forgive you, But only because you ride a Blur.

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