Yamaha MPG throwdown

Autobloggreen noticed that Yamaha has added MPG estimates to its website. They claim 124mpg for the Zuma, 110 for the Vino, 115 for the C3, all of which are 50cc models (the Zuma is a 2-stroke). Even their Barcaloungers pull over 50mpg, with the Morphous at 56 and the Majesty at 51. All those numbers seem pretty unrealistic in the real-world, and likely to spark even more exaggerated claims from other makers.

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  1. I can’t speak for the other models, but I’ve been pulling 50-55 mpg on my majesty for the past several years.

  2. Yeah, the more I think about it, that’s pretty realistic because a Majesty rider would be doing more highway driving (longer rides at a steady speed, without maximizing revs) so even though it’s heavier and higher-displacement, it’s still light by car standards and 50+ for that seems doable.

    And again, maybe a Zuma can pull 124 under the perfect conditions (a 100-lb rider going 25mph for hours on a downgrade with the wind at your back.) but the smaller the scooter, the more likely people are going to be revving the hell out of it to keep up with traffic, and braking frequently.

    Thanks for the input, Steve.

  3. I can’t speak about the 50cc scooters, but I ride a Suzuki Burgman 400. It is very similar to the Yamaha Majesty. I get 65mpg.

  4. I’ve got 1500 miles on my (bought new) Vino 125, and so far my average is right around 73mpg, though I have seen 83-84 on my last two tanks.

    96mpg is possible I’m sure, though. I think people have reported numbers like that on the Vino 125 Owner’s Group. I kinda rev the hell out of mine, though, and it sees a fair share of short city trips.

    The estimates are “perfect conditions,” just like cars.

  5. What I’m really surprised at is the under 56mpg estimage for the Morphous. I would have suspected a fuel injected 250cc bike to get in the mid 60’s. My Reflex will get 70mpg consistently and my Grand Vista gets about 65mpg.

    I’ve read from many riders that the Majesty hovers right around the low 50 mpg compared to the Burgman 400 riders that get on average 60 mpg, which is real nice for a 400cc bike.

  6. Actually, I’d like to know what contributes to gas mileage results. 50-55 for a majesty isn’t great compared to the Burgman which gets around 60. I’m guessing it’s a combination exhaust / cvt calibration / weight issue. For the Morphous, I’d bet the weight is too much for 250ccs …

  7. The Morphous (408lbs) doesn’t weigh that much more than the Reflex (375lbs.) so I doubt it is a weight issue for the mpg difference. I bet you can find more difference between the weight of different riders. And who knows, a Morphous rider may actually do better than the listed mpg from Yamaha but the Majesty mpg seems right on.

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