Huuuugs! Achewood Vespa for sale!

OMG OMG OMG! I heart Achewood. I heart scooters. I’ve been lusting after this Vespa Rally that Chris Onstad painted for years. Now, that very scooter is for sale in the classifieds, and it’s going to pretty much take everything I’ve got to not call the dude. Thanks a lot, Matt.

A personal note to dude selling the bike: Please send me more photos, and then tell me it’s already been sold so I can stop thinking about it. Then post it on eBay Platinum Reserve where it belongs.

2 thoughts on “Huuuugs! Achewood Vespa for sale!”

  1. In the main I believe the bike should go to a knucklehead from circumstances.

    (I really want to sell it to a truefan, not someone with restoring in mind)

    did I mention it has a malossi on it? ^_^

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