The “Human Network” can’t fix a P200

Check out Cisco’s “Visual Networking,” ad, the third ad on this page, where a phone tells a Vespa rider how to change his spark plug. It pans away before the phone tells him:

  • The engine’s on the other side of the bike, dummy, why do you have the left cowl off?
  • Good luck with that short-reach plug in your P-Series.
  • That yellow scooter up the road is prettier.
  • It’s not your sparkplug anyway, your CDI is fried.

(Thanks, Phil and Ben)

4 thoughts on “The “Human Network” can’t fix a P200”

  1. As the guy at Cisco responsible for advertising, I was thrilled to see how closely you watched our Visual Networking ad. Funny, but I was assured by the mechanic we used on the shoot that this scooter repair was an accurate scenario. Now I know better! Sorry for the mistake, and we’ll make sure to do better next time.
    Alan Hallberg

  2. Ha, don’t take it personally, Alan, we’re pretty nerdy. It’s entirely possible he would have been staring cluelessly at the left side of the bike for a while before calling for help. And I could be wrong about the plug, but it looks like the one for older Vespas.

  3. PX125’s and 150’s use the short reach plug, as do most aftermarket heads for that size. The 200’s do use the long reach plug. I can’t tell what size engine that bike has from the video. Is there something you see that tells you it’s a 200 that I’m missing?

  4. Nah, I’m just dumb and thought all P-series…es used the long reach. And I was just trying unsuccessfully to be funny by building on the good joke I stole from Ben (that he was on the wrong side of the bike).

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