2 thoughts on “Auto-Rickshaw Mud Flaps”

  1. The coolest autorickshaw accessory I’ve ever seen was when I was in India in 1996. A fair number of the three wheelers had hokey plastic “chariot”-style hubcabs. These where made to look like the chariot wheel “spoke chewers,” we’ve all seen in old sword-and-sandal movies during chariot race scenes. Imagine a Christmas tree of knifes laid on its side and fit on a tire as a hubcap and you’d have what it was. They looked cool when in motion.

    For the autorickshaws they were meant to convey to competitor taxi drivers to “back off!” or your tire would get chewed up. Even though they were made of very breakable plastic they probably were still pretty dangerous and probably cut a number of shins before they were discontinued.

    Since they’d fit on an 8″ Vespa split rim I always wanted one for “novelty” purposes.

  2. A bunch of those were of the actor Amitabh Bachchan who was “Don” in probably the best Bollywood action flick ever. He like the Steve McQueen of India.

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