Where retribution gets you…

“Arkansas linebacker faces felony charge”. It’s hard not to get angry when a cager endangers you or your scooter, but it rarely pays off to fight back. I’ve had a gun waved at me for flipping off a dude that almost killed me, another guy I flipped off tried to run me off the road once, then chased me for blocks (documented in a comic in 2sb issue #3), and a friend of mine was even stabbed by a cabbie once.

Still, the most upsetting confrontation I ever had was with a guy in a van, who nearly hit me. When I pulled up next to him and started yelling obscenities, he was nearly in tears, and said “I’m a motorcyclist, too, that could have been me!” Most of us are cagers some of the time. Drivers are generally sorry enough without us getting in their face, and if they’re not, they’re just going to get even more dangerous when confronted.

Another tip, if you do get in a near-accident, or a shouting match, pull over and calm down, riding while you’re jittery and overfocused on what just happened will just increase your odds of something worse happening.

2 thoughts on “Where retribution gets you…”

  1. Your suggestion to pull over and regroup rather than get even or angry is sound advice. There is nothing to be gained from trying to right a wrong on the road.

    Great post.

  2. I agree. I’ve seen (and dealt) my share of road rage over the years. It was not until I got busted 4 years ago for speeding, reckless driving, etc that I changed my ways.

    It’s so easy to yell, flip someone off, tailgate, etc… But it’s just as easy to pull over, calm down, and go on your way more safely.

    If there’s a QT or similar nearby, I’ll pull in, top off my gas, get a drink, etc to get my mind off the incident. Then go about my business.

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