Blur 3000km service

I had a Big Merchandise Announcement to make today, but instead I stayed up until 2am writing this step-by-step guide to changing the oil in your Genuine Blur 150. All 23 Blur owners in North America are totally thanking me right now. I tried to make it a little funny, so you might want to read it anyway, just to make fun of how little I know about changing the oil in a Genuine Blur 150. But stay tuned, we’ve got new t-shirts going on sale very soon.

4 thoughts on “Blur 3000km service”

  1. Fantastic article, very entertaining. Now all you need is a side-kick (Durso, Nitro), and a show on NPR. I’m thinking the click and clack of scooters.

  2. Thank-you, Bryan, for getting this out in the open. This will promptly enter our service notes for our technicians to follow. I believe we are the top dealer in the US for the Blur with 20 units.
    How could you play your I-pod that long without the Pixies getting played?

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