4 thoughts on “Motogiro America underway”

  1. Dude, I seriously doubt Piaggio USA dropped much more than a pant load on that deal. For an event that started last Friday, why don’t they have the prize up on the website?

    It would be really interesting to find out what sort of turnout they’re getting.

  2. You know what? I bet P-USA had fuck-all to do with this event. Who wants to take a wager this was targeted at Europeans only?

  3. I am in Monterey and thoroughly enjoying this exciting event. The Vespa Club of Monterey-VCOM of which I belong has a presence and there are a spattering of 250cc GTV’s but the biggest presence is Ducati. There are vintage Gilera’s, Motobi’s, and lot’s of early, Italian 2stokes. The WORD Vespa is seen on everything but there is not a lot of Vespa USA folks that I have seen. Rolf Soltau is here and went down today. Had a great ride from Monterey down thru the vineyards to Gonzales. The highlight was TWO laps at Laguna-Seca raceway on my PX150…what a thrill that was. The day was perfect and tomorrow is the coastal Big Sur Run. The Coast Hiway is one of God’s gifts to scooters and cycles. Can’t wait till tomorrow!!!

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