8 thoughts on “Smart Money, it isn’t.”

  1. Fresh out of Ithaca College, Kedon Willis shows us how worthless it is to be an English major.

  2. Just look at the Buddy’s competition in that comparison report! No wonder it failed. Without taking price into consideration, I’d take any one of those other scooters over the Buddy too.

  3. It may be “Smart Money” but it’s full of “Bad Articles”. What the hell does some B movie actor have to do with scooters? Yeah, yeah. He needs to get from set to set.

    Or something.


  4. I trust Gunner! How could you not trust a guy who’s played both “Doug,” and “Sexy Man!”

  5. That is by far the worst comparison test that I have ever read! Even if you remove the Buddy it is still ridiculous! Do you think that MAYBE the $8000 machines are better then the $5000 and $6000 ones?

    Smart Money owes me 5 minutes of my time back.

  6. Bullet-like design? I’d love to see that 3 piece sectional shot out of a cannon. This is pure crap.

  7. it’s also confusing which scooter is which in the photos. The morphous is the one that looks like a giant penis, which is surely why he’s attracted to it as a surrogate of his own. He clearly doesn’t get the point of scooters at all.

  8. illnoise, you should send the guy a DOT flip-flops T-Shirt. I am sure he will enjoy it while he revels in his coolness as a published author of gar-bage’.


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