Flipping for “Flip Flop” tees

DOT Flip Flops: Big RyeWe’re almost out of the orange DOT Flip Flop t-shirts over at Scootmoto. Brown is a little better-stocked, but still going fast. I counted wrong and found a couple shirts in sizes that were listed as sold out, so check again if you couldn’t find your size and color. More good stuff is coming to Scootmoto soon. Maybe even tonight.

Thanks for the photo, Ryan!

One thought on “Flipping for “Flip Flop” tees”

  1. This is the guy in the picture. We were at the Monkeys for Nothing, Chimps for Free Quad Cities rally (Knuckledraggers Scooter Club). The shirt was the best money I’ve ever spent on clothing. Thanks!

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