Astro Boy scooter toy

Astro Boy Scooter Toy $2,650 for this Astro Boy Scooter friction toy on eBay with 2 days left. Sure, you could buy a real scooter for that, but it wouldn’t be cooler than this toy. Seller says he sold one in worse condition for $10,000… ten years ago.

UPDATE: Bidding closed at $3,600, with reserve not met. Crazy. Also, in the comments, POCphil has offered up his Fuji Rabbit to be painted with the same graphics.

3 thoughts on “Astro Boy scooter toy”

  1. I’ve broken myself of the habit of buying scooter toys or nick-nacks, but if I was a rollin’ in money I’d probably get something like that. I’d rather have that than a real Fuji Rabbit (or is that supposed to be a Mitsu?).

  2. OH, you just HAD to throw the gauntlet did you?

    Well, I have a Fuji Rabbit Superflow and if someone is willing to do the graphic art to come up with some Vinyl, I’ll paint mine Red and cream and we’ll do it up proper. Mine’s a solid runner and I’ve got less than half of what they want for the toy invested in her so far. So I’m predicting we can make the full-scale item for less than they want for the toy.

    Life imitates art…more cheaply.


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