Motorcycle Horn tests tests some aftermarket horns. Interesting that both Stebel Nautilus horns they tested (different models from different retailers) were faulty, these are the much-hyped horns used in the Genuine Buddy “International” models.

The authors point out:

By way of disclosure I’ll admit that I have fortunately never had to use a motorcycle horn in anger. […] I consider a horn to be a safety device of last resort — if you have to use it, you’re already in a situation that probably could have and should been prevented.

Good point. a loud horn is useful as a proactive warning to make sure a driver notices you before a scary situation arises. Once you’re in a scary situation, there’s no point in honking, you should be concentrating on braking or swerving.

(Thanks for the link, Davek, here’s his thread at Modern Buddy!)

One thought on “Motorcycle Horn tests”

  1. i just installed one on my BV250 and I was pondering whether the horn does anything for you as far as safety. I usually only use the horn when people are in my way.

    If someone cuts me off I avoid using it cause most of the time when people in cars hear a horn they hit and brakes and kinda look around to see who’s horning the horn. I dont really want people slowing down in front of me so I avoid the horn.

    it is funny tho. it’s just rediculously loud and people crack up when they hear that sound coming out of a scooter. it’ s the Tire Flys of 2008

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