Continental Avoids Complete Take-Over

Continental, the company that makes some of the better scooter tires available has been the target of a take-over by another German automotive component giant, the  Schaeffler Group.   The BBC reports that Conti had resisted the move but has now agreed to allow Schaeffler, also the makers of FAG bearings, to take an all but majority stake in the company.   The question remains whether the new structure will continue to keep scooters rolling smoothly in the future.  Signs suggest the relationship will not call for Continental to be parted out like a GS with a rusted frame and no air box, so lets hope that we’ll still be able to get good Continental Zippy 1s, 3s and Twists (not to be confused with the film) for years to come.  (Maybe I could send a letter to Schaffler suggesting they stop the white wall nonsense.)