Au revoir, Baron

Well, the news isn’t quite what we expected, but Lev Mirman has shut down Baron Scooters to run CFMoto’s U.S. operations.

The Baron site (and tech support forum) are already gone, and the retail and internet sales center in Minnesota has closed and is being cleared out, according to ScooterBBS member “scootindan,” who adds:

The stock of parts and remaining scooter inventory has been sold to Marty at GoMoto in Osseo, Minnesota. GoMoto will be doing local repair and can send parts from the remaining inventory if they have them. Customers are also being referred to

Mirman comically excuses his abandonment of Baron’s warranties, customer/dealer support , and other obligations by more or less admitting Baron’s (non-CF-Moto-made, ha) bikes were cheap pieces of crap and Google searches can help you with your bike more than Baron ever could. Read the thread, it’s typically snarky ScooterBBS dialogue, but it speaks volumes.

One thought on “Au revoir, Baron”

  1. M5’s response says it all:

    M5 wrote: “Nice! You sold baron as a better chinese scoot since you would go over there and pick the best parts and factories, then also say you have a warehouse full of parts to support them, now you tell all your customers to do a “google search” for chinese parts and they are on their own.

    You can’t spend $15 a year to keep a website up telling people how to get parts or warranty claims? That’s a great way to treat people who paid your bills.”

    Enough said.

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