One thought on “Nissan Mori”

  1. That essay on concepts was a typical Mac Fanboy rant. I don’t think showing off a concept is such a bad thing. But the movement from drawing to production too often skips the stage where functionality is assessed. In the motorsport world I think designers often forget that it’s people with 2 legs, 2 arms, connected by a spine will be using the device. It seems as if designers believe an amorphous blob with a desire to stow their helmet and a small bag of groceries needs to go 80 mph on their trip down bomb cratered gravel roads in a city. Necessity should still be the mother of invention rather than the manufacturing ability to translate pen and ink to manufacturing tooling in under 12 months. If you look at concept bikes from the Tokyo Motor Show or EICMA you see prototypes that are great, but never actually see production (or surely not US shores). What is the disconnect there?

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