5 thoughts on “Best. Video. Ever.”

  1. I think this thing was made at Spring Scoot in 2006. (A couple of Seattle people who weren’t around in 2002 appear very briefly) It’s not a news story, it’s a feature for a show called “Northwest Backroads,” which is a half hour of product placements and plugs for the local travel industry. “See stuff in your own back yard,” kinda thing. Portland is only 2.5 hours from Seattle if you take I-5.

  2. This was definitely filmed earlier than 2006, most likely in 2002.
    I know this because there were lots of Portland people in the video that moved away years ago, P-town Scooters was filmed at their first location (2002) and I’m in the video riding my Sprint that I sold 5 years ago and wearing my helmet that I retired 4 years ago. ;-)

    Good times, those days!

  3. Let me clarify: the piece was made in 2006. No doubt they mixed video from many different years. Spring Scoot and the summer rally in Portland always manage to draw TV news crews because scooters are a)unusual, especially in large groups, b)telgenic (As are some of their riders. Notice I said “some.”) and c) really easy to make into a “package” that will fill a 90-second hole in a local newscast. Or a 3-minute, 30-second spot on a magazine show. KGW-TV in Portland and KING5 were sister stations long before Belo (and before that, Providence Journal) bought them, and used to share video like this all the time. There’s a Portland version of “Northwest Backroads” that features stuff close to Portland. This feature has been shown there, too.

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