4 thoughts on “1/32 mile in Taiwan”

  1. Many yamaha Jogs and honda Dios. Most of the drag runs shown were 4 strokes. Kinda boring to hear them.

    But on the topic of distance. Quarter mile and even 1/8th miles is pushing it a bit for relevance of scooter performance. 1/32 seems a bit short, but it really could be an informative stat for scooter buying. It’s about the distance it takes to ensure you beat a car off the line before they decide to turn in front of you. 1/16th would be a good measure of a scooter’s ability to get up to speed in traffic. If a scoot can’t get to the speed limit in 1/16 of a mile I’d think it’s not fast enough to drive in that kind of traffic. (that’s just a guess, but I bet I’m not far off).

  2. Oooo, no, 2strokebuzz! Hard-working, morbidly skinny Asian girls are not skanks??! ! Economy is at a free-fall in Taiwan; girls aren’t getting enough to eat, that’s all. These are the last days of Free Taiwan as we know it (before Motherland China takes over)…please don’t call them girls skanks?! Thanks!

    BTW, I agree with Brooke, mfrs should list the 1/16-mile time in their scooter specs: or maybe 2strokebuzz could sponsor a 1/16-mile shoot-out!

  3. in just about every issue of “Moto Champ” (japanese scooter magizine) they cover a 1/32 mile event from somewhere. I think they choice that distance cause you could run it in a parking lot. it would be cool to do it in the states but the timing equipment would be the big cost

  4. I live my life 1/32 of a mile at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those two seconds or less, I’m free.

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