Finally, a Greek scooter. reports that Greece-based scooter concern Nipponia is hoping to make a splash at EICMA with a new line of scooters designed by the designer of the Toyota Yaris and Lexus SC430. I’m not creating a “Nipponia” category in the archives just yet.

3 thoughts on “Finally, a Greek scooter.”

  1. Had me a look around the Nipponia site. I just don’t understand, are these PGO scooters, Chinese-made scooters, what are they? Words they use are almost unnecessarily convoluted. Can’t really tell what they got from those tiny thumbnails, either. Not all that interesting, really; but let’s wait and see.

  2. Other than the graphic mock-up design scooter, their entire existing range of scooters and motorcycles are Chinese items sold by many other names in every other market. Could this be a case of Lambretta USA – You gotta buy the crappy ones now so we can afford to build the cool ones….really…..we promise.

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