Bradford checks in from EICMA

Got home last night to find an answering machine message from VCOA president, Corazzo proprietor, and part-time 2strokebuzz correspondent Bradford Duval, who was very possibly drunk. He didn’t clear up any mysteries about his GTS sidecar photo, but he did paint a colorful image that I’m still trying to erase from my head…

Hi Bryan, it’s Bradford. I’m calling from Italy. I hope you got the photo. Nothing particularly interesting at the Piaggio booth other than the GTS SIDECAAAAAAR which was FUCKING GOOORGeous… GORGeous! I would make that sidecar my matromonial BED if I got married again, and, uhhh, hope you’re doing well, lots of really great stories, and anyone who thinks that Piaggio/Vespa is all about the 2-stroke, you can tell them to FUCK OFF because I saw the prototype engine for the ’46 and IT WAS A 4-STROKE! And I got pictures. (unintelligible)…and VCOA is very strong and doing well over here…(unintelligble)…Eurovespa…(unintelligble)…Later, man, hope you’re doing well.

This is EICMA coverage you’re not going to find anywhere else. Gonzo! Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Bradford checks in from EICMA”

  1. Nothing like having your drunk dail voice mails reprinted on the internet for future generations to scrutinize!

    If anyone is interested in seeing photos of this 4 stroke engine, there are some nice shots on page 202 of the Vespa Technica Vol. 4. External valve actuation!

  2. Or wait until Bradford comes back and we’ll post his here, if he’s still talking to me. There you go, 2SB just saved you $100 on a Vespa Technica volume.

  3. Read on one of the Italian sites that the GTV sidecar is just a prototype, right up there with the MP3 trailer and roof from last year.

    Also read that LML was showing a Star with a 4-stroke. Maybe the future 4-stroke Stella? Comes in ugly colors, too.

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