Nipponia unveiled

Scooter Station sure is excited about Nipponia. (Google translation) The designs are actually pretty novel and interesting (the “Renzo” especially). The Japanese company, now based in Greece, plans to produce these Italian-designed scooters in Greece using Chinese-made parts, and start selling them in Europe in late 2009. Type nerd trivia: Nipponia’s logo features the same godawful Revue typeface as PGO’s logo.

UPDATE: more from

4 thoughts on “Nipponia unveiled”

  1. I’m unimpressed by the three models they showed (a little different, some interesting details, but nothing exciting), but the Renzo prototype is pretty interesting. Not the sort of thing I’d buy, but it at least indicates someone’s rethinking conventional designs, for better or worse…

  2. Professor Matthew,
    That sketch owes more than a little to Steve Martin’s “Cruel Shoes” (1979).

    I love design and will even inconvenience myself (“suffer” is a bit much) for good design, art or fashion. I’m less tolerant of bad design—like this.

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