Adolf and Benito, EU-capitalist version

The Scooter Scoop reports Vespa and Adidas have teamed up for some co-branded apparel and shoes.
The last time Adidas teamed up (unofficially) with Vespa, we got the greatest commercial of all time:

The gear looks pretty sweet, though not too “outside the box.” What we need now is for Piaggio and Adidas to sponsor a Serie-A team, anyone, THAT would be the greatest soccer jersey since PGO sponsored Akademisk Boldklub of Denmark. (And of course, these.)

4 thoughts on “Adolf and Benito, EU-capitalist version”

  1. You know I totally believed this fantasy video up until the second to last scene where the player manages to stop a lambretta on a dime (in the dirt) and do a scooter, err, bicycle kick for goal.

    I mean, come on, nobody believes he could get that bike to run :)

  2. We’ve talked that video to death when it came out (and I just noticed that’s not the full version), but if you’ve never seen it before, note that the German players (KHAAAAAN!) are riding Heinkels, and the British players are on mod bikes. the little details are really the highlight of the whole thing. I like to tell myself that Raul’s bike is a Serveta, and Zidane’s is an ACMA, but they’re probably not.

    yeah, the stunt flip cheapens the whole thing.

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