S-No Excuses For Winter Scooter Retirement

Motoblog.it reports on the work at Riminimoto aimed at extending the use of scooters into the winter months. I’m not referring to Seattle San Diego winter. I mean the kind with snow. Riminimoto takes the simple if not original approach by replacing the front wheel with a ski and studs on the rear tire. The example scooter is the MBK Booster (aka Yamaha Zuma). Other examples show the use of the Honda Ruckus and the Honda EZ-Cub. All are likely candidates due to their faux-off road image that has endowed them with the engine configuration or tire profile that is amenable to the use of knobbie tires to accept ice screws. It doesn’t hurt that they are sufficiently masculine in appearance for hardy outdoor types to use.

As mentioned earlier, the idea is not new. It appears that the EZ-Cub even had original equipment that included a front ski. Even the ill-fated most modern incarnation Italjet Scooop (not the variety that looked like the EZ-Cub) had a proposed winter package (photo courtesy of cyberscooter.it). And other motocross bikes have been adapted with a front ski as well. Regardless of novelty, some 2SB readers should hit up Riminimoto for an adapter kit and report back on how it goes.

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  1. Looks like they old piece that CHRYSLER made in the 60 or 70’s powered by a 2-stroke!

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