6 thoughts on “FOXNews.com – How Green Are Motor Scooters?”

  1. At least they acknowledge that scooters produce less greenhouse gasses. They failed to note that many modern scooters DO have efficient engines with pollution controls to reduce NOX and hydrocarbon emissions – with the notable exception of most Chinese and … ‘legacy’ scooters.

  2. only 10%? hmmm, i would say about 90% of my travels back home are with my Stella, I have a 1998 Jetta which gets 36mpg and a Jeep Wrangler that gets 18mpg, but im saving up so i can change the Fuel to Natural GAS. its an easy job for anyone that is familiar with the way a carbuerator works. it might not help the mileage on the Jeep, but it will produce less Carbon.
    People should also consider the Energy that goes into making a car is 50 times greater than what goes into making a scooter, Especailly the 4 stroke 50cc we see from Honda everywhere back home.

  3. Another lazy piece of journalism. Nothing new about this story or the information it presents, most of which was found in the thousands of stories done last summer. Heard all the numbers and arguments before.

    Odd array of scooters they chose for the photos. A 2-stroke 50, two 4-stroke 50s and a Stella? A little research would have provided some specific numbers for various models, which would have been more interesting and informative.

    The Honda Met photo is actually a Canadian Jazz. Sheesh.

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