European Motorcycle tariff rejected

There was a huge story/outrage brewing last month about a proposed U.S. import tariff on motorcycles designed to protest a European ban on U.S. beef. With our cruddy December, we never got the chance to write about how foolish it was, but luckily, it’s all moot now. it was rejected. This new government’s already looking better.

2 thoughts on “European Motorcycle tariff rejected”

  1. This makes me wonder if Piaggio, in preparation for the potential imposition of this tariff, stocked up on supply. Maybe there’s a huge overstock of Piaggio scooters in the U.S. now? That, and the all of the ordering that went on when gas prices were high may mean big sale.

  2. Why not a tariff on all foreign imports why not foreign oil? That way gas would be $9-$12 at the pump foreign vehicles would be priced outrageous and we could afford to build our own US scooter factories.

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