3 thoughts on “Piaggio and Chuck-e-Cheese?”

  1. Why is this so awesome?! I love noticing weird little things like that.

    Was the ride made in Italy maybe? I know that many of the new ones at our local small amusement park here are.

  2. I think they are just Vespa moped pedals. You can find them like that on Ebay.

  3. International Scooters/Big Ass Motors is right next door to a company that custom builds games for chucky cheese, mostly toy “gambling” type games. They integrate whatever they can find in them, glue a bunch of .99 cent store toys, some teacups and a couple loops of dryer hose to a board and airbrush it etc, the area around their dumpster looks like a scrap yard with fiberglass and resin dripped all over it.

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