Charles Karel Bouley has lots of green

I applaud you, Charles Karel Bouley. Hopefully typical Americans will take a break from job-hunting or digging for milk money in their hand-me-down couch cushions to follow in your green footsteps and buy two Piaggio MP3s. We’ll all slap some solar panels on our San-Francisco-area beach house/recording studios, too, while we’re at it. Thanks for making such a huge, inspirational sacrifice for America.

4 thoughts on “Charles Karel Bouley has lots of green”

  1. Ha, Billy Bragg said it better this morning, on my car stereo:

    We’re living in a North Sea Bubble
    We’re trying to spend our way out of trouble

    You keep buying these things but you don’t need them
    But as long as you’re comfortable it feels like freedom

    My American friends don’t know what to do
    But they’ll wait a long time for a Beverly Hills coup

  2. I suppose a bit of snark is in order when someone extols their green cred by buying two two scooters for only $16 grand … but it is very cool if you can do it. I’m particularly impressed with the SunRun solar installation – if only that was available nationwide – FREE photovoltaic installation and upkeep in exchange a contract to pay 1/4th of what you would pay for the same power from the electric company – that’s the kind of change I can believe in.

  3. This guy comes off as a completely out of touch douche bag. If he really cared about anything environmental (instead of just the trendy “green” thing), he’d at least buy a used scooter. Buying new leaves a much bigger “carbon footprint.”

    That way, he could be doing something pro-environment and still be a smug douchebag about it.

    And come to think of it, it’s not really what he’s doing that bugs me, it’s 95% his pretension and total lack of self-awareness.

  4. Dear sit properly,

    Great comment. I’m a big fan of this ‘buying used’ idea. It satisfies my shallow pockets-shorter arms affliction as well as my sense of ecological awareness. Where can I find out more about these principles so I can spread the word in an intelligent way. I find so little solid, reliable information about cradle to grave consumption data.



    (Really, I’m very sincere. I smuggly drive my 24 mpg (highway. 19 mpg city), 1989 dodge caravan by Prius owners every day and wonder why my efforts go without applause.)

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