Goodbye, dick jokes; goodbye, Morphous

Ryan of Cold Weather Challenge fame just pointed out to us that Yamaha has dropped the Morphous from their U.S. lineup, and it looks like it’s off the menu elsewhere, too. I can’t picture anyone standing around a Yamaha dealership with a big wad of cash and not buying a T-Max, but even the Barcalounger fans weren’t getting excited about the gargantuan penis-shaped 250 when the 400cc Majesty was about the same price. If Ryan will miss it, few others will, Guzman’s review for last fall notes that even after three years on the market, no one outside of hardcore scooterists and Jay Leno had heard of it.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, dick jokes; goodbye, Morphous”

  1. I’m going to put a Suzuki Gemma wallpaper on my work computer. The ‘little’ 250 needs to be over here. RIP, Morphus. Life does not favor the unique.

  2. Ever since he got his Vino, my dad has been saying, “Some day I’m going to go back and trade up to a Morpheus [sic].”

    I’m kind of glad that’s no longer an option.

  3. Well, judging by their popularity, I bet there will be a few around on dealer floors for some time, and they’d be willing to deal on it. Not to encourage him.

  4. Now, it’ll be a collector. It sure carried a lot of storage & rode fine, but needed a bigger motor.

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