Big Corazzo news?

Bradford Duval tells us Corazzo has something big coming in a few days. In his words:

  • It is revolutionary
  • It will change the way people will look at their scooter.
  • It will turn commuting in to an explosion of pleasure.
  • It is not limited to scooterdom, but had applications across most human conditions.

We’re guessing it’s “drugs.”

UPDATE: Lots of funny conjecture in the comments, and on Modern Buddy. We’ll find out tonight! It’s bound to be anticlimactic!

19 thoughts on “Big Corazzo news?”

  1. Segway? I Portland folks I’ve talked to who have tried the prototypes are pretty stoked with the product.

  2. Those Darn McCabes beat me to it, that sounds almost identical to the hype that preceded the announcement of the Segway.

    Jet-Pack? Hey, it IS the 21 century! Maybe Corrazzo is making the matching “Rocketeer” apparel to go with …

    Maybe not …

  3. The Segway came to mind for me too. I think if they hadn’t teased the Segway with such ridiculous hyperbole people would have dug it more. Also if it didn’t cost $3000 and topped out at 20mph. And if it wasn’t LESS useful than a bicycle.

    But i have complete faith that Bradford used all that money he saved on not getting me drunk at DealerExpo, and put it into something that will change the world. Because there’s no other excuse for not getting me drunk at DealerExpo. The 2sb/POC hospitality suite was allright, but it was kind of a sausage party, we only had three chicks, and two were married and one was Chelsea. So I blame Bradford AND Renae. Next year I’m bringing my own chicks.

  4. The Segway. Heh. Those things keep selling slowly but surely. If they they hadn’t billed it as the Second Coming, it would probably be touted as a success. Corazzo, huh? As long as their new product (Aerostitch meets Full-body Armor???) isn’t called the “Segue.”

  5. Victor (or someone at Vespa of Seattle) is trying to leak it, but I’m holding his comment in moderation. : ) Unless he’s wrong.

  6. Becky, you best not be supporting unsubstantiated hype. The posted description only leads me to vulgar speculation.

  7. Hopefully they haven’t jumped onto my idea: The armored Snuggie.

    I’m discounting any type of motorcycle/scooter-specific riding wear based on Bradford’s earlier statement.

    “It will turn commuting in to an explosion of pleasure.”
    This may not be a good thing.

    Possibly their first foray into some type of electronics? The Corazzo helmet-friendly bluetooth setup?

    Whatever it is, I predict I’ll want one.

  8. I bet it’s a jacket that has a roll up roof that comes off a compartment on the back of the jacket, goes up and over the head and attaches to a wind screen. Think suction cups, and Carol Burnett’s GWTW skit curtain dress, but with some weather resistant burlap and an offset reflective racing stripe all in the form of uni-tard with pockets for solar charged battery powered heating ‘massagers’.

  9. Well, the last time I saw a Corrazo rep, I shared a really good idea with him…and I hope they developed it into a product. It would be cool to see it in production…and of course I’d want a honorable mention.

    So, my bet is that it is a saftey upgrade that improves visability. Hey Bradford…I’ve got more good product ideas!

    Vespa Milwaukee

  10. with passover right around the corner, i’m thinking corrmatzo ball soup.

  11. I just hope that Bradford doesn’t give up releasing information for Lent.

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