Corazzo Coffee Jacket

Bradford has unveiled Corazzo’s “Explosion of Pleasure” exclusively to 2strokebuzz readers, aka “Corazzo’s demographic.” We’ll give him the honors:

Every morning when I ride my scooter to work, I look over at the fellow trapped in his car and am admittedly jealous that they can have their coffee at the stoplight, all the while I cannot. Like most problems we come up against here at Corazzo we had to find a better solution than coffee-envy and patience.

Corazzo Design is pleased to introduce the revolutionary Corazzo Coffee Jacket, the perfect solution for the Scooter Commuter that wants to have their coffee on the way to work.
Using an original design (patent pending) born from necessity, the self leveling, automatically gimbaled Corazzo Coffee Jacket is constructed of the highest quality insulated softshell, keeping your coffee even warmer than it would be otherwise.

In the days before the Corazzo Coffee Jacket, a scooter commuter might put their coffee in their glovebox, a viable solution sure, but will it cause a mess, absolutely. Our solution gets around many problems with one well thought out solution. Our insulated softshell stretches, making it perfect to fit a variety of coffee cup shapes and sizes. As well, the fabric is teflon coated, so it should stay stain free for a long time. The strap will fit on the bag hook of nearly every single scooter out there, and allows you to drink your coffee without removing the jacket.

Another real bonus comes when you have a full armload of stuff, that once unstrapped from your rear rack, will prevent you from carrying anything else…BUT WAIT…STOP THE PRESSES…with the Corazzo Coffee jacket, all you need is a pinky, and you can carry your coffee too. This is one handy accessory!

The Corazzo Coffee Jacket will be available around March 1st 2009 priced at a very reasonable $14.99, call or email Corazzo to pre-order

(More photos here, YouTube demo video to come later today!) Thanks for the scoop, Bradford. We’re not coffee drinkers here at 2SB but Bradford assures us it will also competently hold a 20oz RC Cola, so we’re on the waiting list.

10 thoughts on “Corazzo Coffee Jacket”

  1. Can they also make an insulated straw for those of us with full face, non-flip, helmets?

    How about a kegrator for sidecars that’s powered off of the scoots electronics?

  2. my 1980 vespa 100 sport has no hook either. it has always made me sad i couldn’t hook my purse, but now i’m REALLY bummed! :(

  3. If you 100 sport has no hook, then I think it’s just missing. See Bryan’s first link.

  4. Well, I could use it on the People TwoFiddy, though. The hook on it is too close to the floorboard, IMO.

    The Vino has a hook… underseat. I do use it to secure small grocery bags.


  5. yeah, you know what, a lot of scooters have two little nubs under the front of the seat, I never knew what they were until Ryan pointed out to me that they’re helmet hooks. D’oh!

  6. Whoa, pretty underwhelming given the hype! I think that drinking/riding is about as silly as driving/talking on a cell phone, but I guess I’m not the target market for this. What’s to stop it from swinging all around (with coffee leaking everywhere) and bashing the bottom of the larger stainless travel mugs against your legshield/paint (as pictured)?

  7. I actually have a travel mug that has a large, open handle that will slip over the handlebars and cables of the Vino, and will also stay put in the People’s curry hook (low though it is). In neither case is it terribly practical to steal a sip, ’cause our lights just don’t last long enough here in Nashville. ;)


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