Friends in the industry?

As you might have guessed, Carter Brothers and Cobra Powersports aren’t in love with 2strokebuzz right now. I had a cordial and enlightening talk with Bill Pierce at Cobra this morning, and rumor has it there’s an email on the way from Carter Brothers. More tonight

13 thoughts on “Friends in the industry?”

  1. After Beckam is done with getting cut from the England world cup squad he’s going to buy an MLS team. I predict it will be chicago.

    How about that new Franz Ferdinand LP?

  2. I’m totally annoyed by the new pitchfork layout, so I need somewhere new to get my fix.
    Beckham is outta here, he’ll be playing FIFA again soo.

  3. He’s already playing in Italy.

    What’s good local nowadays, M5?

  4. Hoping this year 2SB will step up to the big leagues and sponsor the Fire.

    Check out Gay Witch Abortion, P.O.S., and France Has the Bomb

  5. Did I tell you how I went to the Uptown Theater to see Army of Darkness and didn’t know that Gay Witch Abortion was playing some intro before the show? I really just wanted to see the movie but there was a line of aging hipsters wearing girl jeans in my way. What a disappointment. All I wanted was a little Bruce Campbell and froze my ass in line off for 20 minutes before just going home. I didn’t want to wait any longer and have a bunch of uninterested post-rockabilly cocks talking during the flick. Then the next day I read about the band and found out Shawn from the Fuck Yeahs is the drummer. I probably would have waited if I’d known.

  6. OK, that post was six times as Pitchfork as Pitchfork, Brooke. You’re all banned.

    Becks is finishing the season at AC Milan, then finishing the season with Galaxy, then paying back half his Galaxy contract and f**king off back to Europe where he and his creepy talentless wife belong, finally.

    Awesome that they were dead last this season.

    Heard on NPR that Galaxy’s looking for someone like Ronaldinho. Good luck with that, Galaxy.

    Freddie Ljungberg at Sounders? THAT’s a good move, right there. I have a new second-favorite team, sorry, Crew.


  7. Portland is going to pay for a new stadium for Hank Paulson’s son Merritt ( isn’t that a woman’s name?) so we can get a MLS team.

  8. Yes, but I got hit hard with the flu over the last couple days, so I’m in no state to write anything marginally important. (and I haven’t returned one of Bill’s calls yet, sorry!). Carter Brothers probably thought better of beating my dead horse, but I doubt they’ll be calling me with a demo Symba or tickets to a press junket in Hukou Township anytime soon.

  9. Get back on the soccer chat (even if that doesn’t really interest me), at least it excites me more than say, Carter Bros…!

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