The Motorcycle Industry Council estimates a record-setting 222,000 scooters were sold in the United States in 2008. For the sixth year running, over a million motorcycles and scooters were sold in 2008 (slightly fewer than 2007), but nearly a quarter of those were scooters. The last string of five million-selling years was in the early 70s. In 1992, only 278,000 motorcycles and scooters total were sold. These estimates appear to only include MIC-reporting companies, so Genuine and Kymco and several other popular scooter manufacturers’ sales may not even be included in that figure, let alone the thousands of Chinese imports sold. Either way, those numbers are staggering. Especially because next year 90% of these scooters will be on Craigslist with gummed up carbs and 150 miles on the odo.

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  1. Just think, one day we’ll be buying ETs and Stellas from the back of sheds and garages.

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