Buddy 1:12

Genuine’s new line of 1:12-scale die-cast Buddies was just unveiled, and those ingrate MB’ers are already finding reasons to nitpick, heh. I saw the samples, and they look great. Not as great as a 1:12 Blur would, mind you, but great. Scooterworks lists them as “backordered” but it’s more like “preordered,” they’re due in very soon. Only a company with a well-organized, enthusiastic community of customers could order a containerload of toys and know damn well they’ll sell like hotcakes. (If Vespa did something like this, they’d be made by Lladro or Limoges, there’d be a huge PR blitz, they’d cost $1200 each, and never end up at dealers anyway… kind of like those Adidas tracksuits).

7 thoughts on “Buddy 1:12”

  1. I showed these to my wife and suggested the red one might make a great father’s day gift. She shook her head, “I don’t get why you’d want a model of your scooter?”

    She doesn’t really understand why I have scooters, either. But I still love her.

  2. We should have pictures up on scooterworks today, hopefully for all colors. We’ve got a lot of new products coming this quarter.

  3. The 1:12 Scale P.O.C. will be open soon. With little 6″ tall diatribes about octane, and 6″ tall sexual harassment Fridays. I can’t wait, I’m gonna be cuttin’ up G.I. Joes all winter long.

  4. Put me on the preorder list Phil.

    Just make sure I get the Merritt and Renae figures.

  5. Star Wars figures are too small and Barbie/GI Joes are too big. Adventure people would be about right.

    Dollhouses are often 1:12 scale, too, good to know in case you want, say, a victorian whore for your Buddy, or a Louis XV settee to chain it to. Those smaller Bratz were about right, too, but they thankfully pulled them off the market.

  6. I saw some guy wearing an Adidas Vespa track suit (or shirt and jogger, anyway) at High Rollers. Could’ve been a Brit though, I didn’t talk to him.

  7. I’ve seen the Vespa Adidas stuff (but not the shoes) at a few british online shops, (like http://subside.co.uk which is a great place for football shirts, btw) but it’s pretty expensive, and the shipping doesn’t help.

    Which brings us to the next question, how is it that Piaggio or Vespa has NEVER sponsored a european football club, the jerseys would be good advertising, targeted to the right demographic, and sell like hotcakes to enthusiasts.


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