Vintage Baubles From Viet Nam

chromeladySaigon Scooter Centre sent out an email to announce the availability of some new vintage scooter accessories. Mirrors, crashbars and other useless adornments may not be your style. But at least this is not a post about another Maxi-Scooter or clone scooter trend. Mods of the world rejoice. You can now have a nice chrome Pegasus or naked lady on your Series II Lambretta. I’m really just hoping that if I post enough news from SSC that they’ll send me an SS90 repro dummy tank converted to a real fuel tank, to review.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Baubles From Viet Nam”

  1. I think you meant “baubles”.

    I was picturing a series of Quadrophenia-themed bobble-heads.

  2. Phew. I’m glad I have not one but two eagle eye wordsmiths reading 2sb. I’m going to post other things up in the future for your review. They’ll be MS Word files and please leave ‘track-changes’ turned on. Editor color codes will be distributed at the time of draft posting. Thanks.

    I just noticed that chrome lady has a belly button.

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