4 thoughts on “Scooter in the Sticks: Revisiting Risk”

  1. Thats tough to read. As a cyclist with a lot of young cyclist friends who do not wear helmets or even own one, its something I think about a lot, especially since I pass a few ghost bikes on the way to work. I do have a really cool helmet with carbon fiber and kevlar in it, and rarely do not go with out, (I’ll opt out during a snow storm commute since I’m usually going as fast or faster than traffic, but this is foolish I know). On the scooter I always wear a full face.

    A great bicycle helmet is so much cheaper than a great motorcycle helmet too! There are no excuses other than the stupid “its my god given american choice” mentality.

  2. I may not have mentioned gear or helmets in the post but it was an essential part of John’s survival. Especially the helmet. Even with it he had multiple skull fractures and now has some titanium in his head.

    Without the helmet there would have been no amputation…

  3. My accident was not nearly as bad. It was about 2.5 years ago and I had two operations to repair my arm. I had to wait almost year to ride again which I was really looking forward to, but it was weird. I love it just as much, but it is changed for ever as now I know just how painful it is to hit a car and the road. Certainly helps to maintain focus but I do try and strike a balance and not get paranoid.

    Ride safe everyone.

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