When it rains, it pours

We’re serious to imform you below:

Illnoise at 2strokebuzz.com is being abusing Yuota company and Its Binqi Logo. Which has been badly damaged Yuota company, BINQI Logo and its market, which brings a big risk to Yuota company.

By phone discussion of Yuota lawyer and Yuota distributor USA, we decide to accuse Illnoise at 2strokebuzz.com and 2strokebuzz web PROVIDER on 2nd April, 2009.

Yuota Lawyer has saved 2strokebuzz contents is to post China Council for the promotion of international Trade (CCPIT) and THE SURPEME PEOPLE’S COURT OF THE PEOPLE REPUBLIC OF CHINA
Yuota Distributor USA is to accuse Illnoise at 2strokebuzz.com and 2strokebuzz web PROVIDER in USA without delay.

Claims for the loss of BINQI brand and Yuota company.

Claims 2strokebuzz web PROVIDER to close 2strokebuzz.com without delay.
Accusation will be in action w/o delay on 2nd April, 2009.

Illnoise at 2strokebuzz.com must delete this Links:2strokebuzz.com/?p=5012 before Accusation time.
Illnoise at 2strokebuzz.com must recover reputation of YUOTA company and BINQI logo on home page of 2strokebuzz.com for lasting 90days..

Daniel Chan at Yuota group

Funny thing is, I just posted a rant on Modern Buddy this morning about how we should all be more understanding about China.

14 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours”

  1. So I’m confused … if 2strokebuzz.com is to be closed without delay, how are you going to recover their reputation on the homepage lasting 90 days?

  2. That is some funny shit. So, the question is, do you think it’s something serious you should worry about? I mean, it sounds serious, minus the crappy english translation. But seriously, how can they say you damaged them so badly? Did you get one of them drunk and have sex with them and then not call them?


  3. I hate to be flippant about it, but… OK, I’m being flippant about it. For instance, I’m pretty sure I can’t be extradited to the Supreme Court of the People’s Republic of China under my screen name.

  4. If you would of stuck to 2 strokes, indie rock, and soccer none of this would of ever happened. Well other than being threatened to be sued by thrasher, good times…..

  5. I say we sue those idiots for ruining the good name of machines called scooters.

    How do you say “Class Action” in engrish?

  6. I don’t think Chinese courts would even have jurisdiction…I mean an American posting about items on the American market on what I assume is an American ISP…did you even do anything in China?

  7. Did you check the ISP / ISDN to see if it really came from Yuasa, oops, Yuota, maybe it came from Supesoul as an April 1 gag.

    After spamming EVERY list and being clearly guilty of copyright infringement in both their motto and logo it shows at least they’ve got balls.

  8. Daniel Chan is the same person who was spamming Modern Buddy, even PMing sales solicitations to members after being warned.

    I think he learned the art of the empty threat from my email to him, in which I threatened to report him to the FBI, Federal Trade Commission, DOT, Homeland Security, Department of Justice and various international trade bodies.

  9. If this were a real threat from the legal department wouldn’t ya think that since they have to deal with so much international copyright law they would be able to translate their threat into cohesive english?

  10. Binky bikes from You Aught To Company. This was an April Fool’s joke, right?

  11. Is that really raining or someone spitting on the sidewalk across the street?

  12. Despite what my critics say, I don’t make stuff up, it’s a real email from a real chinese IP.

    If they had an exclusive U.S. importer, or even an incorporated U.S. sales office, I’d start to get worried. And that’s further proof of why Chinese manufacturers should import their product through a single U.S. importer. But Yuota doesn’t seem to have a U.S. importer. He also argues that he supplies various U.S. importers, but I would think they’d be unlikely to help their supplier fight a pointless legal battle against a popular nonprofit personal website, just to pave the way for their supplier to continue to spam their prospective customers (wholesale and retail) and devalue their own products.

    Said manufacturer would also be wise to note that a great number of U.S. dealers read this site, certainly most of America’s top dealers, and these dealers, as well as scooterists and list admins around the country have been angry about his spam, sales tactics and intellectual property violations long before I brought it up. He’s not making any friends among scooterists, importers, or dealers, and threatening me with legal action is certainly not the way to win them over.

    If Yuota or Binqi do have a U.S. subsidiary or an exclusive U.S. importer, I would be happy to talk to them and resolve this issue.

  13. You’re going to get a phone call from an angry Texan with 5 containers of these things that he ‘needs to move to cover his investment’ and you’re not helping. He’s already had to field calls from poor bastards that have already bought them. Even when he changes his phone number and reincorporates as someone else they still seem to find him and want warranty work done. Why do you hate freedom and those who want to create wealth in our great Godly nation? Damn liberals.

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