Dealer Prep

Lots of people buying a new scooter complain about “Dealer Prep” charges that (along with transportation fees, taxes and title fees, insurance, and gear) usually end up costing them more than they expected to pay for their scooter. Genuine Scooter Co. produced these videos about dealer prep. The videos are intended for dealers, not consumers, but they’re worth watching to see that dealer prep is much more than rolling a scooter off a truck and filling it up with gas. (Thanks, Ericalm!)

One thought on “Dealer Prep”

  1. I watched one or of prep videos shortly after I got my Stella and found it very informative. I didn’t realize they were putting the scoot together, adjusting the idle and mix, etc.

    I don’t have a problem with dealer fees as long as they are going to something good.

    It’s the other fees like they tried to tack onto my Xterra many years ago because it was popular, those bug me.

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