Vespa rumors: Pink? Adidas?

Even if that lovely Fred Perry Vespa never makes it over here, we’ve recently heard about two other limited edition Vespas that are due to the US soon. Adidas/Vespa co-branded clothes and shoes were unveiled in Europe months ago, and may finally make it to the U.S. along with the “Adidas Originals” Vespa LX (probably like these). We’ve also heard a pink Vespa LX is in the works, possibly with a breast-cancer-awareness tie-in. Pink scooters are always popular, let’s just hope it’s not as over-the-top as the Swarovski crystal pink Vespa auctioned off for a breast cancer charity a few years ago in the U.K.

One thought on “Vespa rumors: Pink? Adidas?”

  1. Vespa has posted the pink LX on Flickr:

    I like the pink Buddy and I’ve seen pink ETs that were really well done, but this doesn’t do much for me.

    I posted the link to my scooter-only Twitter, @scooterism, which you may have seen if you were following me. I don’t ever post to this account when I goto the bathroom!

    The Adidas/Vespa clothes have been in Canada for months, too. Some of the shoes are actually pretty cool.

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