Adidas/Vespa parties in 5 cities

After teasing America with mostly unobtainable European tidbits, the Adidas Originals/Vespa clothing and shoe line is hitting the U.S. in full force with five launch parties at U.S. Adidas Original stores over the next week:
Berkeley, CA July 23 6-8 PM
Chicago, IL July 23 6-8 PM
Georgetown, DC July 23 6-8 PM
Miami, FL July 23 6-8 PM
Portland, OR July 24 6-8 PM
(Click on the city for the specific invitation)
These “Private Shopping Events” include a 20% discount and a gift with an $80+ purchase (I’m told anything that’s sold out or unavailable in-store can be ordered online at the event with the discount). Visitors can enter to win a customized Adidas Originals Vespa S-50.

7 thoughts on “Adidas/Vespa parties in 5 cities”

  1. I called the Chicago store and they hadn’t actually thought about parking at all, and thanked me for bringing it up, they’re looking into it and will get back to me (will post answers here). If you’re planning to attend in another city, you might want to call the local store and ask about parking, not only do you want a easy place to park, it gives their store cred to have a bunch of scooters out front for the scooter party, right!?

  2. Looks like we we’ll get some rain, but the thunderstorms will probably pass to the north and south, Unless it looks really grim, I’m sticking to the plan, meet at Cafe Fresco (Grand/Racine) after work, ride over to Adidas, see what there is to see, then head home.

    Depending on how weather looks, we might leave a bit early or late from Fresco to dodge rain. My cell is (downtown area code) two-one-eight-7079.

    The store just called me back, they’re fine with us parking in their loading zone, but they can’t guarantee the city won’t hassle us. As long as someone sticks with the bikes we should be OK.

    Damnit, I forgot to put my city tag on the primavera. that’s how often I ride that thing.

  3. Great, there’s a gi-norm-o thunderstorm coming right at us. See you at Fresco. We might just stay there, and have dinner and hope the storm passes before the adidas thing is over…

  4. I am only interested in 1 pair of the shoes… the Vespa Sprint Veloce Nylons in the forrest green. Which it seems are not available in the US that I Can tell.

    Any idea where I can score a pair without paying a million bucks for currency conversion and shipping to the US?

    If anyone sees them out there in Mens US 9s, please let me know!

  5. I’m having a really hard time finding the tan ones in my size too. it’s not like I have huge feet or tiny feet.

    There’s not much market saturation for this line yet. Even the regulars who are big Adidas resellers like Journeys don’t have any of the Vespa line yet.

  6. I chatted with the manager of my local Journeys today at lunch. He seemed to think that most non-Adidas name stores (like Journeys, Foot Locker, etc) will probably not see this Vespa shoe merchandise for a while if ever. I got the impression that Journeys in particular was on thin ice with Adidas and their importance in the world of Adidas was waning.

    And I’ve still had no luck finding anyone locally who has any of this Vespa gear, shoes, jackets, anything.

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