Motorsport 30% off sale, two Chicago rides

One of our favorite shops, Motorsport Scooters (aka Scooterwest) in San Diego, CA, has a spiffy new site and a big “NC-17” anniversary party scheduled for Saturday. If you’re not in town, take advantage of 30% off all items this weekend when you order from the new site.

And here in Chicago, don’t forget about Logan’s Run on Saturday and Scooterworks Chicago’s Sunday Ride.

2 thoughts on “Motorsport 30% off sale, two Chicago rides”

  1. Details from their email: (I don’t think there’s a code or anything, but you need to use the NEW site!)

    But for all of our online customers we’re having a huge on-line sale, and we are inviting you to take part.

    Here’s the deal: we’re offering 30% off all regular retail prices for on-line sales, Saturday and Sunday. This applies to orders placed midnight Friday through 11:59pm Sunday and only through the new website.

    Further, this will absolutely NOT apply to call-in orders. In fact we are going to be partying so hard we will NOT answer the phones on Saturday. If you have any trouble placing an order on-line, please email us the order and we will hook you up with the special pricing, but the email must be received between sale hours (email

  2. Just to note Motorsport is the only place to buy cables, they are cut to fit your scoot, none of that “Universal” fit that actually fit nothing bullshit.

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