MadAss 125

The Scooter Scoop reports that the MadAss 125 is finally available at dealers. We first reported on the MadAss more than six years ago, and a 125 version was announced shortly later. The Xkeleton Trickster, a knockoff version, beat the MadAss 50 to the U.S. market, and original MadAss importer Tomberlin (who now runs Schwinn’s scooter business) apparently never got the MadAss 50 off the ground here. Since then, Pierspeed became Sachs’ U.S. importer, and displayed the 50cc and 125cc versions at DealerExpo in early 2008. The 50cc finally became widely available in spring 2008, but supply problems held back the 125 for another year and a half. A sweet-looking MadAss 500 prototype was the darling of the internet last summer, hopefully that becomes reality, and the seemingly-forgotten X-Road 125 (and a rumored 250 version) would also be nice additions to the lineup.

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  1. What? Do you people just prefer lugging everything around in backpacks? Oh, wait… mostly vintage Italian scooter people, here, right? Never mind. :lol:

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