Slaughterhouse XV

Slaughterhouse XV is this weekend in Chicago, a fact so obvious to me that I didn’t bother posting it until now, which is sort of irresponsible of me, sorry. Who’d have known back when we joked about never making it to “Slaughterhouse 5” that the rally would endure and grow for 15 years. It’s changed hands a few times, but it’s always fantastic, and there’s always something for everyone. This year shuffles up the usual schedule a bit with Roller Derby on Saturday night and a bigger-than-ever party on Thursday, and still features a few great rides, one of the best gymkhanas around, and more. If you’re into the whole social networking thing, there’s a ning site.

By the way, Scootmoto’s got some Slaughterhouse patches from the past for sale if you missed any. See you there!

Update: I Tivo’ed local FOX new’s extensive rally preview from last year, but never found a way to put it online, luckily Motoworks did! Thanks for the link, Kathy! I think I got a chance to ride every modern Vespa that morning!