Corazzo’s “Ramp Test”

Corazzo has released a technical/snuff film showing some very unscientific tests of their jackets. Surely, it’s mostly for entertainment value (it’s listed as “comedy” on YouTube), but there’s probably something educational buried in there. Corazzo’s “Shop” is my usual riding jacket, so in the sequel, I wanna see how the “Shop/UnderHoody” combo compares to the “Transparent Vinyl Raincoat/Naked Bradford Duval” combo.

One thought on “Corazzo’s “Ramp Test””

  1. My girlfriend has that red Armadillo jacket, and has had the misfortune to test it in real world situations twice. Not a tear, though it did get some dirt and oil stains. She did sew in a holder for a back pad for it, though.

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