4 thoughts on “WTF, Yamaha?”

  1. It looks like their priorities are obviously right where they want them.

    I took a look at the 2010 motorcycles released this last week and based on his comments and the 100% regurgitation of last years models it all makes becomes clear.

    They obviously enjoy playing second fiddle to Honda for market share, so why try and fight it.

  2. While their scope of products is vast, I honestly don’t know of anything Yamaha makes that isn’t good-to-excellent. I used to love the guitars they made back in the 1970-80s (now, I think they’re cheaper, offshored models), and most of their electronics were better-than-average.

  3. You gotta love stuff like this:

    “…At the Yamaha Corporation we’re focused on one thing and one thing alone—quality sound chips, ceiling brackets, editing software…”

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