9 thoughts on “CWC Ride/Party SATURDAY”

  1. 2 other notes:

    We’ll have the Fire semifinal on TV, and if you’re going to the game, we’re straight up Harlem from Bridgeview and we’ll be there all night, come celebrate with us!

    Also, Grace is collecting motorcycle/hot rod magazines, toiletries, non-perishable snacks, and such for our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq via the “Holiday H.A.M.B. : from Hot Rodders to Soldiers” program, so bring something for that, if you like.

  2. No cold weather challenge for me. It’s currently 68f here. :D I rode last weekend (in November) in a t-shirt and jeans.

  3. Wow what great time! BERRYOKE is intoxicating, or maybe i was intoxicated, oh well, fun start to the dark side of scooter life as we know it.

    Next year let have the even in the middle of somewhere, took me forever to get home.

  4. Hey, there was plenty of parking though! and it was only a few blocks from MY house and RYAN’S house! Maybe you need to move closer to the happening part of town.

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