Lambretta Pato 125N appears at EICMA

More to say about this later, but check out the Lambretta Pato 125N. This is the same company that’s been selling the “Chrome Verizon logo”-style generic Chinese scooter in Italy as the “Lambretta Pato” for a few years, so it’s almost surely a typical Chinese engine/frame with a plastic bodywork, like the “Venti/La Vita” is to the Vespa.

4 thoughts on “Lambretta Pato 125N appears at EICMA”

  1. I’m hesitant to say this, but these actually don’t look that bad. They look better than the Venti/La Vita from the photos.

    No, it’s not really a Lambretta any more than the other Chinese scoots they sold as Lambrettas are or any more than an Adly. Its guts probably aren’t any different from the original Patos. But on the outside, they look better (to me) than the scores of other “retro” clones on the street.

  2. Sure, it looks pretty good, I agree. A little “Carnival Ride-” looking but not bad at all. And I’m through with the “legacy/history” argument.

    My reservations are quality and reality, in that, I’ll believe it when I see it on the road and it’s not falling apart.

  3. I think it “looks” like a very good design. The floorboards are flat and low enough to be be in-line with the axles. Along with a flat seat it’s the best design since the Vespa ET, Velcifero or even as far back as the Honda Spree. But it’s tough to say because I have no reference for scale. To me, if those wheels are 10″ it’s a great design. If those wheels are 12″, it’s a monster and should be put down.

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